Importance of Environmental Building Character

We must behave in a way that allows us to say to everyone, “Behave like me”

Lots of emails that came in and asked what the key to success Character Education. Well, this time we will discuss the key, we will discuss the importance of an environment that is characteristic for the success of Character Education. You agree that in order to achieve quality education and maximum characters, starting with building an environment characterized?

Well, before we review, I’ve heard an old adage says: if we’re friends with the seller of perfumes, then we will come scented. While friends with the fishmonger, then we will go amis. Let us reflect for a moment. Actually, the phrase is a great fit describe the role of the environment in our lives. Environment largely determines the formation of the character of a person. Positive environment can shape us into positive personal character, otherwise the negative and unhealthy can form a negative personal anyway. The neighborhood has a very important role in building individual characters in it.

A little boy who used to say dirty, of course he copied from the surroundings. You do not have far to look for the cause of the child is fond of saying dirty. Of course it is a result of mimicking environment. To fix this, you better tackle the problem from the source. To cope with the disease, jangannya you wait for one of your family members sick and then treat it. Are not you better begin to manage a healthy lifestyle, so that the disease will not invade and infect you. This is what I mean by addressing the problem at the source.

Then, if the source of the problem our children say dirty? I am sure, you definitely will govern your kids to stop saying dirty, and if your child back to repeat and non-compliance with the order, you will hit it. However, your child actually intensified because he was not given the right to govern themselves. You will not be easy to ask the boy who used to say dirty to stop saying, while others also do the same. To that end, the point of the solution is to create a healthy environment for children and individuals who live in it.

Environment characterized is important for development of the individual. Environment that is characterized by the creation of an environment that supports the realization of values ??in the lives of the characters, a case of the characters love of God and all His creation, independence and responsibility, honesty / trust, diplomatic, respectful and polite, generous, like mutual assistance, mutual aid / cooperation and others. Character is not only at the stage of recognition and understanding of the course, but it becomes a habit in their daily lives.

Perhaps in your mind imagine how difficult it is to form the character. All of that should start from self be next in the family. Self must be addressed first before fixing others. Get used to build a positive mindset, make good habits, build self unyielding character and so on. In everyday life in our family to get used to apply those values. For example, used to be honest and open to children, giving children the opportunity to decide the material found in home decor, invite children to negotiate about the tutoring school, and invite children to share that role in completing household chores. It’s part of the process of building a child’s character. Salinglah mutual help among family members. Familiarize children explore themselves. Giving children the opportunity to make decisions for themselves. It is a democratic process in the family.

Kebiaasaan such positive practices will eventually be passed by the child in the larger social environment, ie in schools and communities. The family is the first institution where children build character. We as parents should apply the upbringing and education of healthy and well in the family. That way, our kids have embedded personal personality will be spreading the positive character of the environment. At school, character education should also be realized in each of the learning process, such as teaching methods, curriculum, assessment, and others.

Do you ever give your children the opportunity to take the time to play? Or encourage your child to pursue their talents and interests they have. Actually the chance to hang out with peers is the character development of children. By mingling, children will learn to understand themselves and others. Thus he will learn how to build relationships with people and the environment.

In the school environment the students actually have a container for personal development and character building themselves through extracurricular activities. Extracurricular education is a means to build a sense of responsibility, social skills and interaction, tolerance, cooperation and others.

However, in line with the demands of school with a variety of subjects and training for the National Examination has taken the time to develop them. Do you include only parents who encourage their children to continue to learn and to ignore its interests and hobbies? If so, hurry-hurry to change your perspective and give opportunities for children to share their time learning and playing.

The fact that a person’s success is not only determined by the performance of the school should be aware of. It is true that the ability to establish relationships and emotional intelligence largely determines the process of self-improvement and success.

If so, let us create the character. Thus, the children of our future generations will be the character that does not give up when faced tantangn in his life. And they will always optimistic of success with stock values ??that have been embedded in an environment characterized it.

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Character Education Role In Completing Personality

“A lot of people know what is good, talk about the goodness but do the opposite”

In the beginning man was born just took “personality” or personality. In general, there are four kinds of personalities. There are many theories that use different terms even use color, but the pattern remains the same. In general there are 4 personality, namely:

1. Choleric: This type is characterized by personal likes independence, assertive, fiery, like a challenge, the boss himself.

2. Sanguine: This type is characterized like the practical thing, always happy and cheerful, likes surprises, love the social activities and have fun.

3. Phlegmatic: This type of love characterized by collaboration, avoid conflict, do not like the sudden change, talk to a good friend, like a sure thing.

4. Melancholy: This type is characterized by love with the details, save anger, Perfection, like clear instructions, well-liked routines.

On top of this is the classical theory and the theory now is a lot of growing, and is still widely used as an assay to measure human potential.

Personality is not a character. Everyone has a different personality. Well from the 4 personalities, each personality has its drawbacks and advantages of each. For example Choleric types identical to those who speak “rough” and sometimes it does not matter, which is often difficult personal Sanguine invited to serious, often difficult invited Phlegmatic definite step and impress passive, melancholy stuck with a personal dilemma “yes” mouthfeel and “no” hearts, and they tend perfectionis in the details of life and that sometimes makes others quite the rush.

Every man can not choose his personality, personality is a gift from God the creator when we are born. And every person who has no definite personality weaknesses and advantages in aspects of social life and each individual. Easy yes, explanation.

Well, his character where? When each man learns to overcome his weaknesses and fix bugs and bring new positive habits it is called the character. For example, a pure Choleric but very polite in expression and instructions to others, a Sanguine able to bring himself to take seriously in a situation that requires calmness and focus attention. That character. Character education is the provision of views on various types of life values, such as honesty, intelligence, and other concerns. And that is the choice of each individual needs to be developed and cultivated, from an early age (ideally).

Character can not be inherited, the character can not be bought and character can not be exchanged. Character must be consciously developed and built day by day through a PROCESS that is not instant. Character is not something innate that can not be changed anymore like a fingerprint.

I noticed that many people with bad characters tend to blame their circumstances. They often claim that they raised the wrong way, financial difficulties, abuse of others or other conditions that make them today. It is true that in life, we have to face a lot of things beyond our control, but your character is not. Your character is always the result of your choice.

Know that you have the potential to become a person of character, upayakanlah it. Character, more than anything and will make you a person who has added value. Characters will protect everything you value in life.

Each person is responsible for his character. You have full control over your character, meaning you can not blame others for your bad character because you are entirely responsible. Developing character is your personal RESPONSIBILITY.

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Building Character From Early Childhood Education

Dude, if I am asked when’s the right time to determine a person’s success and achievements? So, the answer is as yet early age. Really? Well I will share a fact that has been widely studied by researchers world.

At the early age of 0-6 years, the brain develops very rapidly up to 80 percent. At that age the brain to receive and absorb various kinds of information, does not look good and the bad. That is the period for which the physical, mental and spiritual child will begin to take shape. Because of this, many are calling this period as a golden period children (golden age).

A study conducted by an expert in child development and behavior of Americans named Brazelton says that the experience of the child in the first months and years of life will determine whether the child will be able to face the challenges in his life and whether he will show great enthusiasm to learn and succeed in the workplace.

Now, therefore, we as parents should take advantage of the golden child to provide character education is good for children. So that children can achieve success in life and success in the future. We as parents sometimes do not realize, our attitude to children it will drop the child. For example, with the hit, giving pressure which ultimately makes the child a negative attitude, low self-esteem or self-conscious, timid and did not dare to take risks, which in the end these characters will be brought up to an adult. When such a mature character would become an obstacle for him to reach out and fulfill his desire. For example, there could be a public speaker because he is embarrassed or ashamed. Not willing to take some chances because he did not want to take the risk and fear of failure. In fact, if he is to be positive, the risk can be altered as a challenge to succeed. You agree right?

Many say our success is determined by how our brain genius. The more we are, the more successful genius. The more we reach champion title in a row, then the more successful we are. Is this true? Wait wait!

I myself do not agree with these assumptions. Facts prove, many successful people just do not get the glorious achievements in school, they do not get a champion or a top position in the school. Why is that? Because real success is not only determined by our intelligence alone. But success is more dominant is determined by the skill Establishing our emotional connection with self, others and the environment. Besides, should not be left out is our spiritual relationship with God Almighty.

Did you know that the skills to build relationships with the three pillars (self, social, and God) are the characters owned by successful people. And, let me tell you that the characters are not entirely innate. Such characters can be formed. Wow, really? I say Yes! And when the child was aged early-formed characters that. As we discussed earlier, that early childhood is a period of physical development of character, mind and spirit begin to form. At this early age, the character will be formed from the children learn and absorb from our behavior as parents and from the surrounding environment. In this age of mental DEVELOPMENT happened very quickly. At that age the child also becomes very sensitive and insensitive to learn and practice the things he sees, feels and listens from the environment. Therefore, the positive environment will shape the character of a positive and successful.

Then, how to build character of children from an early age?

The character will be formed as a result of a definite understanding of three experienced by every human being (triangle relationship), the relationship with oneself (intrapersonal), the environment (social relationships and environment), and the relationship with the Almighty God (spiritual). Any result that relationship will provide interpretation / understanding of the values ??and beliefs eventually become children. How children understand the relation of the child will determine how to treat her world. Understanding will negatively impact on the treatment of negative and positive understanding will treat her world positively. To that end, Grow a positive understanding in children from an early age, one way to give confidence to the child to make decisions for himself, to help children direct their potential so they are better able to explore by itself, does not suppress either directly or subtly , and so on. Familiarize children socialize and interact with their surroundings. Remember the choices for the environment largely determines the character formation of children. As the saying goes along with the seller would come scented perfume, along with fishy fish vendors will participate. As such, a good and healthy environment will foster healthy and good character, and vice versa. And that can not be overlooked is building a spiritual relationship with God Almighty. Spiritual relationship with God Almighty awakened through implementation and appreciation are implemented on the ritual of social life.

Well, now we understand why building character education children from an early age is important. An early age is a golden age, then take advantage of the golden age well.

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Caring Character Education “It Never Ends”

“When the loss of wealth, you do not miss anything. When losing health, you lose something. When a character loses, you lose everything “- Billy Graham

Currently there are at least 2 things that I know have never cracked by age, what is it?

  1. Change
  2. Character Education

If talking change then, in truth we were there today, who are reading this article are different from us that yesterday. Different dimananya? Cell of our bodies have changed, the information we receive change, we age change and many other things.

Similarly, in character education, is a process that is not never stop. Governments may change, the king should abdicate, the president should stop his tenure, but pendidika character still must go on. Character education is not a project that has a beginning and an end. Character education is required each individual to become a better person, a better citizen of high human value. Mantab!

As the proverb from China “If andamembuat plan one year, plant rice. If you make a plan for ten years plant a tree. If you make a plan for lifelong educate people “. The question is what education should be given?

When I first bothered to work and learn multiplication math to 2-3 digits along the roots of his rank, now in my daily life is not very relevant to my work activities. anyway if I have to deal with numbers, I just open the drawer and grab a calculator. I think that if the brain could be used for something much more beneficial why do something that could do this simple stuff (calculator). Similarly, when I mengahfal for more than 12 years of history, it was a few years ago published the history in Indonesia a lot of lies, and not in accordance with the material being taught in schools. And education I learned it was not so useful anymore for me and most people.

I told him I was not meant learning experience at school, or in school is useless. So there is no benefit for me, what? I learned to socialize, learn the patterns of thought and many other things.

Back to the topic of the moment is lost. What education should be given? It’s easy, Character Education. Then another education?

Other subjects of education clearly needs to be, but given the nuances of character in it. Insert the value of life, the positive value of each material and give a touch of life benefits. For example, to teach physics to talk about the founder of the theory or formula that is being taught. Boost your positive attitude and kept repeating that students do not just memorize the formula alone but positive values ??of the founder of the theory. The question is whether it is we do, my parents and teachers?

When a state does not pay attention to education, the State is not membangaun source of strength, a source of progress, sources of wealth, prestige and resources that can always be updated, the human qualities and the quality of its people. This quality is determined by the level of intelligence and strength of character of its people. Well, here the character education plays an important role to produce it all. Remember, unlike the natural resources used and exploited when it will expire at a certain time, in contrast with the kindness of character and intelligence of character, will further increase if used continuously.

The purpose of education is a perfect human life so that it can fulfill all the needs of life both physically and spiritually. What we can of nature … the knowledge, skill should not be taken goals and objectives. But the tools, utensils, others do not. The flowers would become fruit. That’s what we have to prioritize. The fruit of education, namely mental immaturity, which will be able to achieve an orderly life and livelihood and sacred and beneficial to others. ”

Well, true character education never stops from our lives. if we ever get a character education, or education formerly Pekerti Budi, was not finished until we finish school. In the school of life just a successful man is a man who has a character value and every year (even daily, quarterly or even half) still rise exams class, until when? Until we pass from this earth. Well that’s why I pointed out that the character education never stops. Enjoy and live with the characters successfully.

Character Education Curriculum

What is Character?

Dennis Coon in his book Introduction to Psychology: Exploration and Application defines character as a subjective assessment of the personality associated with the personality attributes that may or may not be accepted by society. Character is the absolute answer to creating a better life in the community.

Different Character and Personality (Nature)

Personality is a gift from God the Creator when we are born and every person who has no definite personality weaknesses and advantages in the aspects of social life and each person. Human personality in general there are four, namely: Choleric – Sanguine – Phlegmatic – Melancholy.

Well, the character where? When every man learns to overcome and fix bugs, and bring a new positive habits, this is called the character. For example, a Sanguine personality who loved to joke and does not seem serious, and aware and learn to be able to bring himself to take seriously in a situation that requires calmness and focus attention, that’s the character.

Why Children Need A Character Education?

Basically, the development of a child is to develop a true understanding of how the world works, learn the “rules of the game” all aspects that exist in this world. Children will grow into a character if it can grow in an environment characterized

There are 3 Ways to Educate Children Character:

  1. Change the Environment, doing character education by setting rules and consequences at school and at home.
  2. Provide knowledge, providing the knowledge how to do the behavior which is expected to appear in daily and applied.
  3. Attain emotion, human emotion is 88% in the control of human life. If you are able to touch their emotions and provide the right information, the information will be settled in his life.

Character of what needs to be grown and established in the child?

  1. The character of the love of God and all His creation
  2. Independence and Responsibility
  3. Honesty or Amanah, Diplomatic
  4. Courteous and respectful
  5. Generous, Likes to Help & Mutual Aid Help
  6. Confident and Smart Worker
  7. Leadership and Justice
  8. Good and Humility
  9. Character Tolerance, Peace and Unity.

We currently have 3 character education programs that are the focus of our curriculum, namely:

1. Teacher Training

Associated with character education programs in schools, how to run and implement character education in schools, as well as how to compile and execute programs, from idea to action.

This program equips and provides insight on the teacher on child psychology, how to educate children to understand the mechanisms of the mind of children and 3 key factors for creating successful children, as well as practical tips to understand and cope with children who “troubled” by his behavior.

2. Character Education Program Curriculum

We provide educational system and complete material (for 1 academic year) as well as details and application materials for the school and for the parents. This material has been tested for more than 5 years, in addition to the existing programs of assistance and specific training for teachers.

Special training of teachers is devoted to creating a successful character education in schools, in addition to giving material “advance” of the first teacher training program. Because here the teachers will study aspects of human psychology (not just children, but for himself) and instill the values ??of the good life in him, students and families. Teachers will have the “tools” to help create a better character kids.

3. Mental Coaching Program

The program is divided into two sessions of the program:

Workshop Session Therapy, which is designed for students aged 12 -18 years. This workshop aims to transform and guide the child’s mental age of a teenager. This workshop works as “instant change machine” means after the program students will turn instantly into a more positive child.

Special Seminar Session Student Parents, helps parents identify their children and treat children better, so that the child be more successful in life. In this seminar, parents will learn the basic knowledge that is great for studying various theories of child psychology and family. Understand the concept of dealing with children in the home and in schools, and more easily understood and to understand the mind of a child, spouse and others.