Avoid Health Problems, Just Play Games Two Hours

THERE are many side effects that can happen when you play video games or online games for too long. Although fun, it turns playing video games excessively can give a bad effect on your health. You have to be vigilant, especially if your child likes to play video games.

Playing video games too long is often associated with a higher risk for developing seizures, while those who do not play the game too long not have that risk. An increased risk of seizures due to induction of light from the screen is certainly a sign that your health began to be affected, as reported by LIVESTRONG.
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Intake of Nutrients that Can Beautify Hair

In addition to supporting performances and increase self-confidence, the hair is also able to detect a person’s health. So shiny healthy hair be a desire of many people.

Consider a variety of foods that can help improve the health of your hair.

Fish, Eggs, and Soy

Basically, hair made of protein. So, your hair is always healthy, add the intake of foods rich in protein. Choose a safe protein such as fish, chicken, low-fat cheese, soy and yogurt. Soy milk, tofu, and tempeh are rich in protein, also contains very little fat nasty.

Bean sprouts

Add intake of foods that contain silica, such as bean sprouts, cucumber skin, red and green peppers, and potatoes. This Silica helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals. Nutrition we’ll get a lot more if you eat these foods in a raw state. Continue reading “Intake of Nutrients that Can Beautify Hair”

Longevity Although smoking? That only 1 in 100 people

Many smokers are cool, staying true to ngebul activity despite knowing the danger that threaten health. Even some smokers claim many smokers longevity.

“People still smoke can still be found if longevity, yes true but all that 1 in 100. On average, patients who come in and it turns out I had cancer must not be separated from the smoky environment. Otherwise it active so passive smokers,” said Dr. Judge Sorimuda Pohan, SpOG.

Obstetricians also explained that the inclusion of cigarette smoke can cause cervical cancer. Circulating smoke enter the body through the nose and lungs, and into the capillary blood vessels. Further reaction of these substances is spread through the blood to the cervix.

“One of my patients came in and finally caught cervical cancer. Tdak length I immediately asked who poisoned mothers every day. Mother was confused, so I asked if her partner smokes or she lived in smoky environments, usually his son would reply blame him, “said the doctor with glasses.

Current control efforts against smoking in public places increasingly emboldened. This was done in an effort to protect public health.

“50 Percent of smokers will die from smoking, that means 1:2 chance of his life, let alone a long-term smoking. While deaths from russian roulette, in which the filled pistol bullets and have a 1:6 chance played live. Which is more dangerous?” Dr. Hakim said.

One More Sensitive Teeth Brushing Cause

Many people have sensitive teeth because brushing your teeth in a way that is not appropriate. Therefore, it should not be surprised, women more often have sensitive teeth precisely because of more frequent brushing.

Research by AC Nielsen in 2010, 1 of 2 people in Indonesia suffer from sensitive teeth or dentine hypersensitivity. Of that number, 67 percent of sufferers are women.

This figure glance somewhat surprising because in general women tend to pay more attention to oral hygiene. Because if oral hygiene is maintained, it should be well-maintained dental health more so insensitive.

“There are several hypotheses to explain this. Among brushing and hormonal influences,” said Dr. Mary Melisa, Dental Detailing Manager Consumer Healthcare in a media briefing ‘Expert Sharing’ in the Hall of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. Continue reading “One More Sensitive Teeth Brushing Cause”

The sweetness of honey, sweet as Benefits for Health

ALL people must like honey. Taste sweet and delicious it was very beneficial to your overall health. The following are the benefits of honey is very nutritious for you.

Did you know that honey can help you lose weight? It turns out that honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that are soluble in fat and cholesterol in the body. If sugar makes you gain excess weight, vitamins and minerals from raw honey boosts your metabolism and make your body burn fat. However, honey can not make your body lose weight just like that, you have to combine it with a healthy diet and exercise if you want good results, as reported by Magforwoman. Continue reading “The sweetness of honey, sweet as Benefits for Health”

Skin Whitening Safe

Most people use whitening products because of two reasons. The first reason is to treat the skin from problems like black spots, acne scars, or uneven skin tone due to hormones. As for the second reason to brighten a dark skin tone.

You may know some skin whitening products such as whitening cream, whitener, or skin-lightening creams for blemishes on the skin. These products work by reducing melanin pigmentation, also known as the skin.

But not many people know, the chemical content of the product also has risks. For that, first know a few things before you use skin whitening products are.

First, you need to know how to color each person can be different. This is because the amount of melanin or pigment produced by special cells in the base layer of the skin called melanocytes. Therefore, those with darker skin tones tend to have more melanin.

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Disconnect or Continue? 4 Ask About This In Yourself

All relationships have ups and downs. When the relationship in the critical phase, no relationship was worth keeping, but some are not.

If you are also being undecided will continue the relationship or end it, do not rush to make a decision. Ask these four things in yourself first , as summarized She Knows.

Did he apologize?
When the chaos caused by her relationship, then it should certainly improve lover of good intentions. So, when the he does not feel sorry and have apologized, you should think about further. Not only thinking about his attitude, but think also if you have a fault in him that he behave like that?
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Because of the Cigarette, It Changed As Grandpa Voice Robot

Vocal cords is one of the vital tools in our body. Can you imagine what if we live without vocal chords? This is what affects laryngeal cancer patients who have upper respiratory amputated. This will result in the loss Amputation vocal cords.

“This is not a respiratory or acute respiratory infection, this cancer!” Exclaimed Dr. Hakim Sorimuda Pohan, SpOG.

Obstetrician who is active in the organization as the instigators of Tobacco Control Support Center (TCSC) said that active and passive smoking victims sooner or later be affected by cancer.

“One of the immediate effects of smoking are cancers of the upper respiratory tract. Channel breath it should be discarded. Finally air through the stomach and out through osofagus. Following surgery they were sent to Japan to teach in order to talk to the stomach. Every Wednesday at RSCM training, it is efforts so that they are not desperate, “said Dr. Hakim.

Several former laryngeal cancer patients who attended the event on average 50 years old and all boys. Among them look like grandfathers healthy in general, but there is one characteristic that they are a means of her neck.

They were seen using a shirt plus underwear as ‘turtle neck’ to cover the instrument. Others just use the outer cover which is provided from the tool.

Tools such small speakers mounted on the neck, under the chin rather patient, and this is a great tool to talk. With the help of this tool patients can speak again as having the vocal cords, but his voice will sound like a robot and often emits airflow.

The event was also attended by a breast cancer survivor who also had cancer from smoking. He was revealed to have been a victim of cigarettes since young.

“I smoked from age 17 to 59 years, can you imagine? Until in 2007 when I smoke cigarettes I feel incredible sensual flowing through the veins to the left side of my chest. In my heart I said ‘got ya!’. Finally I decided to see a doctor and it’s true I had breast cancer, “said Lakshmi Notokusumo, a dancer who is also the director and writer of poetry in Cancer Information & Support Centre (CISC).

CISC is one institution that was founded in 2003 to provide support for cancer survivors to be able to recover both physically and mentally. Here’s 65-year capital works.

Well, obviously smoking is no longer to be tolerated, but smokers are also not a criminal. Smokers actually just victims or patients who need to be healed.

Abnormal Bleeding in vagina, What are the causes?

MANY women have experienced abnormal bleeding. This bleeding occurs not at the menstrual period, but outside of that period. Identify the causes of bleeding that occurs to prevent a worse condition.

Vaginal bleeding is considered abnormal if you experience heavy bleeding or unusual rash appears on the 10-year-old girl, during pregnancy, or after menopause. There are many possible abnormal vaginal bleeding. If the pregnant woman, this certainly should be wary because it could be a sign of miscarriage or abortion. Heavy vaginal bleeding or bleeding that occurs before 12 weeks of pregnancy could mean serious problems, including ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. Meanwhile, if bleeding occurs after 12 weeks also could mean serious problems, such as placenta previa, as reported by everydayhealth. Continue reading “Abnormal Bleeding in vagina, What are the causes?”

Women 45 Years Ready to Birth Her-20

Michelle Duggar is now 45 years old. But age is not an obstacle for him to have another child. In fact, he is now preparing to give birth to her 20th.

“We are very happy. I do not think that God would give us another one, and we were very grateful,” said Michelle who was accompanied by her husband Jim Bob, in an interview with the Today Show, told the Daily Mail.

Michelle gestation now entering 3.5 months. He also was experiencing cravings, just like pregnant women in general.

Michelle pleaded not worrying aspect of health even though she was pregnant with her 20th. He claimed his best and regular exercise 5-6 times a week. Doctors also have given the green lampun, although previously he had experienced pregnancy complications.

Michelle and Jim is the type of couple who entrusted how families develop according to God’s will. Therefore, they refuse to use contraception. Continue reading “Women 45 Years Ready to Birth Her-20”