Studio Photography Lighting Techniques

Most photographers beginners interested in photography studio lighting techniques but it seems most do not understand how to do it. Lighting techniques that we discuss can be used with strobe lights or strobe. You can use the same concept with the flash, but you will not see the effect until after you take the picture.
With practice you will be able to control the severity of light and are better able to suppress the problem area, such as a narrow face or a round face. The lighting is wrong to emphasize this feature and will not be good for your subject. Proper lighting will make your subjects happy. There are four main styles of photography studio lighting techniques.

Broad Lighting Lighting or width
Broad Lighting Lighting or width is when the main light is positioned in such a way as to illuminate the side of the face turned toward the camera. This technique is used primarily for the purpose of improvement. It will emphasize the facial features and is used primarily to make thin, narrow face look wider.

Lighting Lighting Short or short
Short Lighting is when the main light illuminates the side of the face turned away from the camera. This technique is used when the subject had an average oval face. Short lighting emphasizes facial contours over a wide or broad illumination lighting. This style can be adapted to look “strong” or “weak” by using a weak light. Short lighting has a narrowing effect, it is great to use with subjects who have a round face or severely obese.
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iPhone 5 Officially Announced: Bodi More Light, More Screen

Apple officially introduced the iPhone 5 to the public through the media gathering in the U.S.. Maybe we both curiosity with you, let alone other companies like Samsung caliber Goophone up, ready to “threatened” with the issue of Apple’s 4G LTE network technology and design. Therefore let’s see what’s new at Apple.

iPhone 5 has a thickness (or thinness?) is only 7.6mm, 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. The body was designed using a combination of aluminum and glass – making it more elegant and luxurious. In general, the design is still the typical iPhone or iPod. While the 4-inch wide screen has a HD resolution of 1136 × 640 and still rely on the sharp Retina Display technology while remaining comfortable to the eye.

This smartphone performance relies on Apple’s new A6 processor that is claimed to 2 times faster in terms of data processing and graphics compared to that used in the iPhone 4S. The battery used is also new, can be used up to 8 hours of non-stop browsing via LTE.
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Work Produces Breast milk

Mother’s Milk is produced from a collaboration between hormonal and neural factors. This alone is quite magical. Come browse from scratch. Start of hormones estrogren. The hormone estrogen is a sex hormone produced by the uterus to stimulate growth of sex organs, such as breasts and pubic hair, regulate the menstrual cycle. The hormone estrogen also plays a role maintaining the texture and function of the breast. In pregnant women, the hormone estrogen makes the nipple enlarges and stimulates the growth of breast glands. In addition, the hormone estrogen to strengthen the walls of the uterus during contractions before delivery.

Breast itself consists of a collection of glands and fatty tissue that lies between the skin and breast bone. Gland in inside the breast will produce a milk after a woman giving birth. Mammary glands called lobules form a milk-producing lobes or sacs. There are 15 to 20 milk producing pockets on each breast, connected with the collected milk ducts in the nipple. The inside of the breast is composed of fatty tissue and fibrous connective tissue, breast binding and affects the shape and size of the breast. There are also blood vessels and lymph nodes.

The milk was produced during pregnancy because there are factors that suppress the release of the hormone prolactin. One of them thanks to the hormone estrogen. It is conceivable if milk has been produced since the beginning of pregnancy while no one smoked, the mothers should dispose of milk every day. Redundant is not it? God does not want to give the waste it with the magic he gives the milk production process so that the mammary gland is not producing milk during pregnancy.
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Role of Placenta In Pregnancy

The placenta is the organ software. The placenta is round or oval. The placenta grows along with baby. In the 10th week of pregnancy, placental weight about 12 grams, until the baby is born, weighing up to 700 grams.

In early pregnancy, the placenta grows and sends blood vessels into the uterus. Blood vessels are moving food and oxygen from the pregnant woman’s body for use by infants. Waste products from the baby will go back into the flow of blood through the vessels to be disposed of by the pregnant woman’s body.

The placenta is thought to act as a barrier (barrier) of all substances outside the body. However, in some circumstances, the placenta can not keep the baby against substances that are used by the mother during pregnancy. drugs, other substances (such as nicotine), and various vitamins and minerals can cross the placenta and enter the baby’s body. That’s what causes pregnant women are warned to avoid the use of foreign substances during pregnancy.
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Equipment Mandatory Serving During Holidays

When you have started to experience boredom in the daily routine, the holidays can be one of the answers to be able to restore your spirit. For some people who want to really relax tense nerves, holiday exploring the natural is one of the best options.

However, an intense preparation we need to do before making nature. Starting from physical exercise in order to maintain stamina and avoid illness during a vacation, as well as the tools they need us in order to bring a more optimal vacation without being disturbed any one thing.

The existence of the equipment can be one of the most crucial. Because you do not know the terrain or obstacle that you will face. Here are some tools and equipment that you must take, in order to make your vacation a more optimal, as released by the site Uniqpost.

Folding chair

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Tips and Techniques Photographing Babies For Beginners

Photographing babies is tricky, but with photographing babies photography techniques right, you can get a good picture. First, make a list of images that you want to take before you take a camera. When taking a picture of a baby, your time is very limited because there are many confounding variables that come into play. Be sure to get a solid grip and safe shooting first. Once you are confident with this, start looking for new ideas and creative angles.
Best lens to use on this type of photography is 50/85mm lens, shooting with a wide aperture and F-stop number between 5.6 and 4 will allow you to take pictures in a dark room and catching focal point on your subject with a faint background to eliminate interference.
When taking a photo, set the camera to aperture priority and choose f4 – F5.6 wide F-stop. Focus on the face of a newborn baby and a little background in the input frame. The background colors or draw really good to use in this situation, because they make the scene more dramatic and images. Another perspective is that you can consider to direct the focal point on the baby’s feet and throw the rest of the frame to be blurry or creative, the best position for this is you are standing at the end at the end of the baby’s feet and in a relatively low position. Continue reading “Tips and Techniques Photographing Babies For Beginners”

Motorola RAZR i: Strong with 2GHz Intel CPU

Motorola finally announced the first smartphone they are using Intel chipset output. Motorola RAZR i seem to be having a mighty performance plus low power consumption, thanks to the Intel Atom single-core 2GHz owned mobile dimension 122.5 × 60.9 × 8.3 mm is. Little information about the Atom processor it uses. 32nm processor is still single-core, but it supports hyper-threading so it will be left with a dual-core or quad-core that already exists. Might is not only found on the inside, but also on the outside. Same as the previous RAZR, RAZR i also use a strong kevlar casing.

I RAZR has a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED type. The screen is quite a relief to shoot objects and immortalize it in a photo or video maximum size 8MP HD. Motorola strengthening the sector by injecting a BSI sensor for improved quality in dimly lit situations, feature HDR (High Dynamic Range) and the ability to take 10 photos in just 1 second! For the operating system, i rely RAZR Android version 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. Continue reading “Motorola RAZR i: Strong with 2GHz Intel CPU”

8 Phase Achieve A Healthy Pregnancy

Happy once felt when you heard the good news from the doctor that says you are pregnant. But apparently, the pregnancy for the mother is not easy. Women experience morning sickness is common in the first trimester of pregnancy, swelling in the legs and face (or often called a moon face), to emotional changes.

Because of this, my mother who is pregnant should also keep the nutrition of food that goes into the body. Diet and a healthy lifestyle can help the growth and healthy development of the fetus in the uterus.

Nutrition plan for pregnant women should refer to the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance or Recommended Daily Intake). Compared to non-pregnant mothers, pregnant women will need to increase to 68% protein, 100% folic acid, calcium and iron 50% 200-300%. Raw foods recommended should include six groups of foods containing protein (animal and vegetable), milk and dairy, breads & grains, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, dark green vegetables, fruits and other vegetables.
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If milk Abundant

Not enough milk is troublesome. But what if your excess breast milk production?

Most mothers worry if their babies are malnourished due to maternal milk production slightly. But there is also the opposite. They even confused because its abundant milk production (hiperlaktasi). Even with the reflex light milk drainage course, radiating the breast milk was swift. Thus, of course, the mother is difficult to control, so that babies often choked, and then vomiting.

If the baby refuses to suckle and cry, the mother’s breast becomes “full” and bloated. In fact, the milk will drip and wet clothes. There are several reasons why this happens:

If hiperlaktasi experienced in the first week of lactation, so it actually reflects the enthusiasm hiperlaktasi mother’s body to produce as much milk as possible. When the mother and baby have discovered how to balance it, then this problem will go away by itself (within approximately 6 to 10 weeks). Continue reading “If milk Abundant”

Mastering Tips on Panning Technique

One of the interesting techniques in photography is “Panning”. Many novice photographers are probably wondering what is panning? Panning is very simple, just set the shutter speed, aperture, holding your camera and follow a moving subject. Guess what will you get? A sharp subject with background blur. Of course, you may think and say this is easy, but for beginners this technique quite difficult.
Here are some tips on how to master the technique of panning and find pleasure from using it.
Shutter speed is slower
Set the shutter speed slower than the normal speed, but remember, not least because you will end up with camera shake. For example, to take pictures of a moving car, you can try the speed of 1/60 and both Play games to get the best picture. Start with 1/30 second for a moving subject such as people walking or cycling. Faster shutter speed, the background will be more clear, the movement will be greatly reduced.
Turn on the camera auto focus, half-press the shutter button for lock, shoot and follow moving subjects. Let panning continues after the shutter button is fully pressed, so motion blur is smooth from start to finish drawing. Continue reading “Mastering Tips on Panning Technique”