Bone Mass

Single bone mass measurements in the parts that used to be measured (forearm, heel, finger, hip, or spine) estimate the overall risk of fractures in women. Bone mass measurement also estimated the risk of certain types of osteoporotic fractures. Including that occurs in the wrist, upper arms, hips, and other body parts.

Part of the measured bone can be an important factor, such as bone mass measured at the hip gives a more approximate results for hip fracture compared with bone mass measured at other body parts. Bone mass and fractures are closely related. For example if if the mass of female pelvis 20% below normal for his age, he has a 7 times greater risk for hip fracture than women who have a pelvic mass 20% above normal for his age. Continue reading “Bone Mass”

Routine is important to brush your teeth Prevent Toothache

Teeth has a very important role, in addition to functioning facilitate chewing food, teeth also affect the beauty of a person. Teeth that are not groomed make dirty teeth and can reduce the appearance of one’s beauty.

Brushing habits culture seems not so pleasant for the majority of our society. The reason could be due to lazy or are not familiar with the routine. Though many benefits gained by brushing, in addition to preventing tooth decay and freshen breath, brush your teeth every day regularly can reduce the risk of major diseases gigi.Akibat of lazy habits toothbrush or dental caries incidence is porous.

Initially difficult to clean dirt in your teeth, then germs thrive and create cavities. If left unchecked, these cavities will grow big and influential to the nerves below the tooth root. Over time teeth can be a source of infection that spreads everywhere. Already infected tooth can cause disruption to the blood stream can adversely affect other organs. Continue reading “Routine is important to brush your teeth Prevent Toothache”

Depression? streets …

You may believe, may well not. With the streets 30 minutes, was able to overcome mild depression for an hour. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Texas, Austin.
Most people with mild depression feel more refreshed and calmer for more than an hour after their exercise walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes. They feel that the blood pressure and negative feelings or distress suffered decline.

Previous research has stated that regular exercise can help a person free from depression, especially if followed by counseling and medical treatment. Other research also supports that active exercise does have a good effect to overcome depression.

The study, conducted by researchers at Texas University, Austin involving 40 people aged 18 to 55 years. Those diagnosed with depression and have never been treated with antidepressant medications or exercise routine before. A total of 20 patients were required to undergo training for 30 minutes, while the rest are welcome to sit quietly at the same time. Their body condition was analyzed five minutes before being given treatment as well as 30 and 60 minutes afterward. Continue reading “Depression? streets …”

Antibiotics are not the answer Sore Throat

Most people immediately seek antibiotics not feel the symptoms of strep throat. In fact, not all sore throats are caused by bacteria, can also be caused by a virus and can heal itself.

In the current guidelines issued by the Infectious Disease Society of America on 11 September, stated that antibiotics should only be given for symptoms of sore throat when it is confirmed by the results of a particular test or examination.

Patients who test positive for strep (caused by the bacterium Streptococcus) will be treated with penicillin or amoxicillin. The use of antibiotics azithromycin and cephalosporin type should be avoided because of strep bacteria are increasingly resistant to these drugs.

Disease strep throat often enough people complain. In the United States alone, each year about 15 million people reported seeing a doctor because of strep throat and nearly 70 percent received antibiotics. In fact, the percentage that tested positive for strep bacteria only 20-30 percent in children, and 5-15 per cent in adults.
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How to Choose the Right Footwear

Beginning of our ancestors invented footwear, foot serves to protect the foot. But over time, the footwear became a symbol of status and style.

Improper footwear can lead to various problems. Therefore, choose a suitable footwear and comfortable to use.

How do I choose the right footwear?

Choose footwear made ??of leather. Leather tends to follow the shape of the feet and legs provide an opportunity to breathe.
Choose footwear that strong and flexible soled shoes. Choose a non-slip soles are also surface.
Avoid using the right footwear is more than 5 cm.
If you are forced to use high-heeled footwear, avoid walking too long. Bring comfortable shoes to use as a backup.
We recommend trying any footwear to be bought, if it is comfortable to use.
Avoid buying shoes that are too narrow. You should be able to move the toes on the front of the footwear.
The front part of the foot should not be much wider than your shoe.
Heel should be able to get in comfortably.
The foot (of the curve) should not be visible from the outside.

Ramadan Healthy For The Elderly

The elderly tend to have higher fasting desire despite their physical condition has begun to decline. Many elderly people have a tendency to multiply vying worship, considering the age is not young anymore. Basically, there are no restrictions for the elderly to fast. Of course, with a record of his physical condition is still strong (not weak) and not being ill. Even by many of the elderly who experience fasting, it felt a lot of benefits such as uncontrolled blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and others. Based on a survey of geriatric poly RSCM in August 2008 showed many geriatric patients who are fasting. The study was conducted on 100 elderly people with age range 64-83 years. As a result, 76.5% remained abstinent. In fact, 83.30% are able to fast for a full month. There are certain requirements that the fast can be Continue reading “Ramadan Healthy For The Elderly”

Born Too Late

Nursery is ready, bags are packed and the day of birth was marked in red. All systems are ready to welcome the birth of a baby. What should you do if the day passed without any sign of labor?

Even if we assume the pregnancy lasts 9 months, actually is 42 weeks, or 10 Â ½ months, and the baby was born on time is considered between 37 and 41 weeks. Technically, the baby is not considered late until after 42 weeks.

While doctors determine why premature birth, but it remains a mystery why some babies are born too late. There are several factors that lead to delayed delivery. For example, through the birth of the specified date, it appears a common occurrence and the first birth in women who have been pregnant more than 42 weeks. If there is a baby born too late in the history of the family, it means you also have to wait long. Though in many cases, it happens simply because one calculate the actual date and your baby is not too late at all.
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Exercising Without Unobstructed Hot Weather

Do not let the hot weather interfere with your daily routine, especially in sports. Hot weather will not reduce home exercise can choose the right time, doing preparation and wear clothes that fit before starting to sweat under the sweltering temperatures.

Considering most of the body consists of fluids, it should be kept hydrated while exercising in hot weather. When exercising on a very hot day, lost body fluids increased 2-fold compared to normal days.

Reduced body fluids not only increase the body temperature, but also reduce the amount of energy produced by the cells of the body.

Sweating will also speed up your heart rate to 3-5 beats per minute for any loss of water by 1%. In the end, the exercise performed was heavier than usual.

Here are tips to stay comfortable exercising in hot weather: Continue reading “Exercising Without Unobstructed Hot Weather”

Detection Cause Impotence

Many people believe that the cause of impotence is caused by psychological factors or psychological. In fact, according to research, about 80-90% of impotence is caused by physical factors. You want to know what? Only cause of impotence?

Depression is another form of psychological effects that can cause impotence. However, some anti-depressant drugs actually cause a man suspected of being difficult to erect. In fact, people who are depressed are very dependent on the drug. What’s the solution? Sexual aids (sex toys) may be a solution for a while.
Stress and anxiety
When stressed or anxious, he will be hard erection. Stress can trigger the production of hormones (such as adrenaline and non-adrenaline) which can inhibit the process of erection.
In the U.S., an estimated 8 million people have diabetes. Of this amount is predicted that half? Suffer from impotence and the rest is a strong candidate to suffer from impotence. Continue reading “Detection Cause Impotence”

Know Your Heart Health Food Protection

Heart disease is often considered a silent killer. Many were slow to realize the symptoms. Just realized after experiencing attacks that often lead to fatal.

In order to not get stuck fatal attack, do early prevention efforts by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The most convenient way is by eating foods that help maintain heart health.

Understandably, the heart is a vital organ that beats about 100 thousand times a day to perform its function of pumping blood throughout the body, as quoted Fit Sugar.

Here are some heart protective foods:

Olive oil
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