Obama Still Popular than Bush Lost

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama was still less popular than former President George W. Bush. This was revealed in a poll conducted by U.S. pollsters, Gallup.

In the first period of his leadership, Bush had won popularity by 90 per cent. Almost all Americans support it after the twin towers attack occurred in 2001.

Obama is also quite popular in the first period. However, Obama can only reach the level of popularity by 69 percent.

Bush popularity recently started to decline in the second period. Inability to address the Iraq war, Hurricane Katrina and the global economic crisis into stain in the eyes of U.S. citizens.

Most observers expect, Obama can pass the popularity that made ​​Bush if he had a second period of time the better.

“If economic conditions slowly improved and there is no great tragedy happens, Obama can beat the popularity of Bush,” said U.S. political analyst, Jonathan Bernstein, as quoted by the Washington Post, Wednesday (07/31/2013).

Neymar Still Need Time Adapt

Neymar debut match with Barcelona is less than satisfactory. Acknowledged he still needs time to adapt and restore the team’s physical condition in order to get the best performance.

Once purchased with a tag of 57 million euros of Santos, Neymar appeared for the first time in front of Barca fans in the preseason game. He appeared as a substitute in a trial match Lechia Gdanks counter yesterday, which ended with the score 2-2.

Replace Alexis Sanchez in the 78th minute, Neymar “only” made ​​five successful passing to his colleagues, lost the ball twice, and four times violated. Not one shot that showed despite the release backheel action when building an attack from the left side.

“I am delighted to finally get my debut melakoni. I’m proud to play for Barca. I need time to adapt and achieve match-fit,” said Neymar was quoted as saying by Marca.

“There are some hard tackle Okay I received but not why. Was not harmful to me. I have not talked much on Martino but he was fully supported by the club and the players,” he continued.

Neymar is now only had time in three pre-season games remaining to be merged with his new colleagues, namely against Santos (August 2) and two preseason games in Southeast Asia, Bangkok (August 7) and Kuala Lumpur (August 10), before Barca melakoni season opener on August 17.

Napoli Killing Giant Turkey

Serie A runners-up last season, Napoli successful conquest of Galatasaray 3-1. Although the status of a test match, both teams played with high blood pressure, in which the referee issued two red cards for the visitors.

The match that took place at the San Paolo stadium on Tuesday (7/30/2013) early morning, will also be a competition to welcome the readiness of Naples from 2013 to 2014. Of them introduce their two new players, Gonzalo Higuain and Pepe Reina to the fan.

The game:
Game begins with a minute’s silence to commemorate the tragedy of a bus accident that occurred in Iprina and it killed at least 38 people.

In this match, coach Rafael Benitez has not lowered Higuain and Reina. Yet another new signing, Jose Callejon and former Liverpool goalkeeper, Rafael lowered since the beginning of the game.

Beginning of the first half, Benitez tried to instruct his team to look aggressive. Galatasaray goalkeeper conceded proved quickly by Goran Pandev’s header in the fifth minute. Napoli 1-0 to excellence.

After 0-1, the Turkish giants try to build attacks through Didier Drogba, but Rafael performed brilliantly with kick dismissed the former Chelsea striker. Score 1-0 to Napoli advantage lasted until halftime.

In the second half, the hosts finally conceded a goal as well, goals scored by Nordin Amrabat, which Giandomenico Mesto and finally passed easily through the goalkeeper Rafael. The score 1-1.

Same score to bring the game strong with high blood pressure. Several times both teams to attack. But some chances fade because both teams failed to finish the event to fruition a goal.

Entering 10 minutes from time, Juan Camilo Zuniga successfully bring back the home team ahead 2-1. Goal was obtained, after the use of bait scintillating Insigne.

In the 90th minute, the visitors approached the catastrophe, after their main goalkeeper, Fernando Muslera a foul in the penalty box. Insigne who acted as executioners, did not waste the opportunity to convert into goals sbuah. 3-1 score lasted until the game is finally over.

Napoli: Rafael; Mesto, Cannavaro (Fernandez 46), Britos, Armero (Dossena 46); Stocker (Radosevic 75), Behrami (Inler 46); Insigne, Hamsik (Mertens 56), Callejon (Zuniga 67); Pandev (63 Calaio )

Galatasaray: Fernando Muslera, Eboue, Chedjou, Inan, Riera, Altintop (Kazim 76), Melo, Nounkeu, Sneijder, Drogba, Yilmaz (Amrabat 46).

Wine Not Just Lifestyle

Wine is a drink that attached to the culture and lifestyle. And one more advantage that is is good for health. As described by belibu.com about the benefits of wine.

Drinking wine or wine is a culture that can not be left out of Western society. Not just on a special occasion, to drink wine often do when hanging out with friends and companions. There are several types of wine is white wine, red wine, champagne or sparkling wine. In general, wine is made with grape extract, then add the sugar, water and yeast specific type. Then the solution is fermented to form alcohol compounds.

White wines typically have a milder flavor and aroma, sweet with fruit flavor, while red wine richer in aroma. Champagne or sparkling wine including wine types made with a particular technique, forming bubbles (bubble) in it. Champagne is often served as an aperitif aperitif or dessert accompaniment.
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Between you and your in-laws

Perhaps you have experienced something like this. In-law secretly violate restrictions have applied to children. Examples like, give candy or other foods that are not so good for your health without your knowledge, put it objects (amulets) with which you disagree, and so forth.

Action laws that are inconsistent with the rules that have to communicate, especially if you’ve kept reminding repeatedly, will harm you and your child. Your role as a parent distracted, because disfluencies which rules apply and which may not be for the good of the child.

Eleanor Reynolds, pengkembangan specialists said children from the United States, to apply boundaries child is a parent task. Throughout these reasons easy to implement and it makes sense, people are believed to keep the child should obey it. If you have told your limits and reasons to the law, then he ignored it, he feels that you are not worthy of respect. Attitude who likes to oppose the rule of law can harm children, even though the goal is fun-in-law and grandchildren to do so. Regrettably, the law does not care about the nutritional needs of children, in-laws lazy or tired to meet the nutritional needs of children, in-laws want to buy a love child by giving the child something like, or can be used as an outlet of resentment towards you. Continue reading “Between you and your in-laws”

Former Philippine President thinking Conflict Problem

MAKASSAR – Former Philippine President Fidel Ramos and discuss environmental issues involved in the conflict during his conference in Makassar CAPDI some time ago. Ramos explained his thoughts on the two most important issues at this time.

To Okezone, Ramos presents the solutions that can be done by the Southeast Asian region to address environmental issues and peace of the issues that bind in Southeast Asia. The following advanced special interview with Fidel Ramos recently:

What solution do you expect to overcome the environmental damage?

Well, in the Philippines we have a modest proposal for the origin of Tuvalu. We apply the “3-R”, ie reducing consumption (reduce), waste recycling (recycle), and then recycle what can be re-used for the welfare of the people (reuse).

What do you think CAPDI conference is able to provide the best solution for a lot of conflict in the region, especially Southeast Asia?

Yes, I’ve thought so too when I first started working at the age of 22 years. I used to follow a program called Peace and Development Phillipines. Now, I have an ex, ex-President.

Used but not so the rest of the former but still can be used. I am still here working for peace and development. I set up a foundation in the Philippines RPDF (Ramos Peace and Development Foundation) to develop peace and development.

What activities are done by RPDF?

In RPDF we invite a lot of people, especially young people like you, for spreading the message that we are all human beings as much as six billion people will not survive long in a very small planet called Earth.

Quit Smoking Before Age 35

Smokers to stop smoking before the age of 35 years will be able to have a long and healthy life, just as those who do not smoke. Dangers of smoking can be avoided if the stop before the age of 35 years.

But to restore health problems that have been posed, requiring at least 15 years after being released from cigarette smoke. By this time, the new body condition body condition can be restored as people who do not smoke.
Results of this study is not meant that people allowed to smoke and stopped at the age of 35 years, but shows how difficult a smoker to quit smoking.
A smoker in addition to having a low quality of life, also usually have a shorter age than those who do not smoke. Nevertheless, a lot of smokers who have tried to change this bad habit.

If you smoke, try to stop . Do not get a heart attack or other serious illnesses that stop you. The sooner you quit, the better.

Fasting Healthy for Elderly

Older people safe in fasting, all his physical condition is still stable, controllable disease, and no acute infection.

Physically, being old does make a person have various limitations. Therefore the elderly is often labeled as a group of people who are weak and easily fall ill. This condition is not surprising that older people often doubt its ability to fast.

Actually, in the case of fasting, the ability of the elderly do not need to worry unduly. They are safe to fast during stable physical condition, disease control, and no acute infection. Instead, fasting can bring benefits to their health.
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Teach Children To Forgive

Conflict does not only occur in adults, children will experience. Most times, children conflict with forgetting, not forgiving those who wronged him. Unfortunately, when that happens, there is a possibility of settling in the hearts of anger. It is not a good thing done. It is important for parents to teach the children the meaning of forgiveness.

The issue of forgiveness is not commonly taught parents to their children. In fact, many adults who find it difficult to forgive and move on from the conflict because they do not know how to forgive.

Early teaching of forgiveness is a gift you can give to children. From there, you can learn about the process.

Here are some points about forgiveness that you can introduce to children:

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10 Surprises For New Dad

Every new dad definitely get a shock. It was already started when the baby cry for the first time. Upon hearing the first cry, a variety of mixed feelings into one. Surprised, happy, thrilled, and anxiety mixed into one. Not a new father in tears upon learning his son was born. “Ah, I’ve become my father. Hopefully I can be a good father,” she thought. Here are few surprises to be received before the new father is often not him.

The usual feelings toward a father who had just had a child. In the first few months there will be a feeling of proud, strong, and want to protect your child. But on the other hand there is a feeling of fear that he would not be able to protect and provide the best for their children. No need to worry with this feeling. All you need do is just try to give the best for your child, do not worry about the end result. Just enjoy the process.

Feeling love new and different
Many people say, that happiness has a child can not be equated with other excitement. It was also perceived a new father. Nothing can match your love of the child, including the love of his wife. Feelings of love for a newborn baby is so unique and specific, and some people can only answer: “I can not be expressed in words.”
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