Encourage Women Stay Healthy While Working

What’s Up with puberty? Women are not always separated from work, from work to take care of household activities outside the household, as well as earning a living.

Work does take quite a lot, requiring thought and feeling, also the threat of disease due to poor working environment and also contain a hazard or chemical poisoning, above all engaged in the industrial sector.

In the home environment many health problems arise due to poor environmental conditions. Therefore, women need to understand the importance of maintaining good health at work so as not to cause health problems. Tips for women to stay healthy and fit while working is as follows:
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Benefits of watermelon seeds

Who does not know the watermelon seeds? Almost all have a light snack on this one. It turns out, though it is small, but a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for our health. Nutrients present in pumpkin seeds that can ward off cancer, repair and / or prevent cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and lower bad cholesterol.

Watermelon seeds from sunflower seeds. Plants from Mexico and Peru are then spread since 1700 to many countries. Flowering plants are then cultivated on a large scale in Germany, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Hungary and the United States.

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Want Pretty? Health should be used dong …

If you belong to one of the women who want to change the appearance, first fix your lifestyle. Beauty and health go hand in hand. Start by choosing healthy foods, by increasing their intake of vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, reduce fatty foods and high cholesterol. “You are what you eat”, these guidelines may be your grasp.

In addition, your blood circulation with a lot of activity or sport. If you drive yourself, try to walk a lot more, for example by parking your vehicle further. At lunch, no need to bring the vehicle especially if the place you’re going to eat that is not too far away.

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Allergies Not Reduce Women’s Fertility

Women with asthma, hay fever, or allergic dermatitis known to be less fertile than women who do not suffer from allergies, and even they may be more likely to be able to conceive.

This is an important discovery for women allergy sufferers and the doctors. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Nottingham and the results reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Researchers note had been known that the second child and so have a lower risk for asthma or other allergic diseases. One likely explanation is that women who have allergic disease may be less fertile so rarely that have many children.

To investigate about this, the researchers conducted a study to compare the fertility rates in 491 516 women aged 15 to 44 years, over a period of 10 years. As many as 13% of respondents with asthma, 14% suffer from allergic dermatitis (eczema), and 12% suffer from hay fever. While 6% had two symptoms, and 1% had three. Continue reading “Allergies Not Reduce Women’s Fertility”

Body Signals When Deficiency Vitamin

Everyone must have experienced a shortage of a particular vitamin or substance that is needed by our bodies. Usually, this time, the body gives certain signals. Unfortunately, not everyone is sensitive to these signals. This could be due to the ignorance shown by the body that is a signal that there is a lack of substance.

Here are some signals that our bodies lack certain substances:

Brittle nails

Chances are caused by lack of iron, zinc and essential fatty acids. We recommend the consumption of meat, beans and fish. Do not take for granted when you break a nail. Usually this is due to circumstances such as nails in dry conditions. But do not you let the situation continue this way, because this could be an indication that your thyroid disease.
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Maintaining Health in the Workplace

They are a lot of work behind the counter often complained about the condition of the body, starting aches to weight increase. If you have this, the advice to exercise and start a regular lifestyle often brought up by relatives or co-workers.

However, the higher the busy work that makes people do not have time to think about the food that will be eaten let alone to exercise. Therefore, in order to condition the body stay fit, there are some things that can be done include:
â € ¢ Control the food be the first step to do, among others, by looking at the composition of a healthy menu or would be better if bring lunch from home (when in the office where you work is not available catering). Automatically, in addition to knowing the content of what is in the food, bring lunch from home is also a move to save money and certainly more secure health food. Continue reading “Maintaining Health in the Workplace”

The Developmental Stages of Your Small (0-9 months)

Here you will know the initial stages of your baby will be experienced in the uphill age (0-9 months). Take a look, whether child development is in conformity with the growth and development stage should be. If not, is there a delay in growth and development?

0-3 Months

Learn to lift his head.
Follow objects with her ​​eyes.
Looking at people and smiling faces.
Reacting to the voice / sound.
Spontaneous babbling.
3-6 months

Lift head 90 degrees.
Reaching for objects.
Putting objects in the mouth.
Laugh or cry out when to play.
Trying to find lost objects.
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Are Women Can Also Ejaculation?

Orgasm is a fun erotic sensation, which occurred at the peak of sexual intercourse. If a person, male or female, to reach the peak of sexual response, she would have orgasms perceived as sexual pleasure. Orgasm is characterized by muscle movement around the genitals, even the whole body. Movement in the form of a rhythmic spasms that are varied, ranging from weak to very strong.

Women can achieve multiple orgasms in a single sexual intercourse. It depends on how long he received sexual stimulation.

Perlendiran vagina is a sexual response in women early. So, if there vagina, means that women react to sexual stimulation received. However, this is not a sign that a woman has reached orgasm. If it continues the sexual response for remaining receiving sexual stimulation, at some point was reached orgasm.

Ejaculation is the term given to the events of the release of sperm, which normally occurs in men who accompany orgasm. Because women do not have sperm, women do not ejaculate. However, women can also dispense liquids, such as when a man ejaculates, and it’s called female ejaculation. Fluid expelled on? Ejaculation? women are skene gland fluid, which is excreted through the urine hole.
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Benefits of Soy

History The first record of the soybean soybean contained in the journal Chinese Materia Medica written by Emperor Sheng Nung in 2838 BC. Mentioned that the wild soybean (Glycine ururiencis) is the first type of soybean grown in Manchuria region (mainland China). From China, reaching up to a soybean plant Japan (6th century) and European (17th century). In Indonesia, soybean plants began to be cultivated for food and green manure since the 17th century. Nutrition Soy is a source of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The composition of amino acids in soybean is more complete and balanced. Soybeans are very nutritious for the growth and maintain the condition of the body’s cells. Soy contains high protein and contain less fat. Soy protein also proved best compared to other nuts. Protein content equivalent to animal protein from meat, dairy, and eggs. What’s more, 25% fat content in soybeans consist of Continue reading “Benefits of Soy”

Fasting Increase Sperm Quality

For those who are fasting, do not worry if your sperm quality decreases. On the contrary, the quality of sperm in general would be great.

Fasting is not known to have a negative impact on sperm quality. Health benefits of fasting on the body for healthy men actually better not even reduce the occurrence of conception marital relationship.

The health benefits of fasting actually increases the function of reproductive organs, balance the acid and alkaline levels in the body, and improve organ function. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for the digestive system to rest will relieve the body of toxins, impurities and residue that can damage health.
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