Kent Chiropractor for Visual Disorders

Did you know that Kent Chiropractor use chiropractic therapies such as Massage therapy and Spinal Decompression therapy to enhance chiropractic care? Chiropractic care can also be given to patients with visual disorders. Repeated chiropractic therapy has resulted in better vision according to research. The rationale of this practice seems to be the connection of the spine and the optic nerve which transmits visual information; thus correcting any cervical or spinal misalignments appear to improve visual disorders. So, if you are troubled with any visual disorders and have given up hope; just hold that thought and stopover at the Kent Chiropractor, there is still hope for you!

Kent Chiropractor and Autism

Kent Chiropractor provides chiropractic care that implements chiropractic therapies such as Spinal adjustments, Massage therapy and Spinal Decompression therapy to help patients; even patients with autism. Autism is a developmental disorder associated with difficulties in communication as well as forming relationships with other people. Chiropractic adjustments have shown a characteristic improvement in children suffering from autism. The chiropractic support given helps to manage certain symptoms by bettering neurological functions which sequentially betters the overall health of the individual. Clinical trials conducted showed that there was a significant reduction in other health complications and increased mobility of the cervix, improved bladder and bowel control, decreased lack of attention and hyper activeness. Let Kent Chiropractor improve the quality of your life. 

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