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Property purchase is surely no cheesecake. These thirteen crucial years at the real estate industry has surely been teaching and molding me enough. What I did realize in time was that I had not taken my business to the web while all my competitors surely did. This is when I looked up the web and came across the real estate software. This was something I had never read about nor heard, although studied its basics and decided to invest in it anyway. To my surprise, it certainly started working wonders. To begin with, I was happy that I could segregate my data into suitable sections. The search bar was another option I looked out for. This was a definite advantage considering the fact that my customer would not have to travel along the entire site to look for something.

I suggested the auto dealer software to a friend of mine who was struggling just as I was. I knew for a fact that my customer looked for convenience at all stages. Be it the selection of a particular property, looking through its images that the software helped with or even its payment process. As long as it met with their expectations and quickened the process, I considered it safe. Even though such PHP classified listing online software did cost me a bit, I made sure to invest in it anyway. I knew it would help me in the long run and would only portray a positive image over my customer’s mind.

This is the reason for delays BlackBerry BBM on Android and iOS

The presence of BlackBerry Messenger or BBM on Android and iOS platforms have waited a lot of people . But after that date finally announced the BlackBerry postpone the application. Now the BlackBerry also revealed the reason , one of them due to the invasion of BBM for Android app is unofficial .

As explained Andrew Bocking , Head of BBM in BlackBerry , last week BBM for Android app to spread rapidly in various file sharing sites . Only, it’s not BBM for Android that have been officially released BlackBerry .

” We are worried BBM app for Android that ‘s not going to cause issues official ( masalah-red. ) , ” said Bocking , in his statement on the official BlackBerry blog .

Therefore , the volume of traffic that was brought from BBM for Android app is unofficial somewhat unusually large . But this is not something that indicated normal and BlackBerry’s impact on the system .

As a result, the issue affects the BlackBerry plan that wants to launch BBM for Android is officially on Sept. 21 . But eventually as is known , the plan is not so done .

” We continue to try to deal with the problems caused by the unofficial version of BBM all day Saturday , but the active users of the application is approaching 1 million and continues to grow , ” said Bocking .

Until finally , it was decided one way to be taken to deal with the technical issues are delaying the launch of BBM weeks to Android and iOS . Most previous Android user is has anyone managed to install BBM for Android APK from various file sharing sites .

But it is not the official version released BlackBerry . Until finally , this version also causes chaos in the fuel system . As for iOS users , on Sunday early morning yesterday , the application of fuel also briefly appeared in the App Store . Soon, however , the application was re-drawn on technical considerations .

Crutchlow Up Desk Operations Last November

Yamaha Tech3 rider, Cal Crutchlow, declared that he would immediately increase the operating table to maximize healing arm injury he suffered at this time. The British rider will undergo surgery in late November, after the last series MotoGP in Valencia.

Crutchlow suffered a severe injury to his right arm due to falls in the British Grand Prix free practice session a few weeks ago. As a result of the accident, 27-year-old rider arm was swollen twice the size of the original.

Although it has been shrinking and performed at Misano GP, Crutchlow arm still needs special attention because there is fluid buildup in his right arm.

The plan, the operation will be performed after the trial he made ​​his debut with his new team next season, Ducati. According to the schedule, the operation will take place in late November.

It’s a little bit swollen but not overly bother me on the bike. Nevertheless, I still have to undergo surgery to overcome the obstruction that makes fluid in my arm could not get out,” said Crutchlow told MCN.

Women Really Faster Aging Skin?

It is inevitable that men will generally look more authoritative when he started to grow, whereas women with age will look look older. The latest results also explain that her skin will grow old faster than the skin of male.

By using a laser imaging technique, the researchers were able to see the deeper layers of skin and can further assess the amount of damage caused by sun exposure and the aging process.

Picture of collagen and elastin decline causing wrinkled skin and loss of smoothness, and looks that women will experience a loss of collagen faster than men.

Collagen is a group of proteins found in the dermis layer, which is a layer of connective tissue in the skin which have the ability to strengthen the skin. The body will make a lot of collagen as a young age, then production will continue to decline as we age.
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Stay Fit During Fasting

During fasting , the body does not receive the intake of food and drink for about 14 hours . For a whole month the body will experience a change of mealtime . For that , you must be clever to set the intake of nutrients into the body during Ramadan fasting in order to maintain a healthy body during the running of the annual worship . Here are some steps you can prepare to keep your body in shape during fasting

Create List Menu For One Month

Iftar menu list and fasting should you set for a month . This will allow you to adjust nutrient intake into the body . Besides, you also do not get confused about what to eat when breaking the fast and sahur . What is clear , do not eat fast food such as instant noodles and canned foods that contain preservatives .

Do not Eat Gratuitous

Usually , people are too eager to gobble up all the food during fasting . This is normal but you can really prevent it . For example , do not eat too many fried foods , soft drinks , coffee , tea sweet , acidic foods and foods that are too sweet . Eat enough so that your stomach is not too heavy to work .

Many of Drinking Water

80 % of our body consists of fluids . For about 14 hours we did not receive the body fluid intake at all . There are good, ranging from iftar to suhoor time comes you drink lots of water . This is done to restore the body fluids lost during fasting . Drink at least 2 liters . No need to immediately drink 2 liters of water . You can set the pattern of drinking water starting from the time of breaking the fast until dawn .

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

There is no doubting the benefits contained in all kinds of vegetables and fruits . Both the grace of God was very good for your health . It includes a variety of vitamins , minerals , carbohydrates and iron the body needs . Eat at least one type of fruit and vegetables and when breaking dawn .

Do not Drink Vitamin Gratuitous

Vitamins in the form of tablets , capsules or liquids are now prevalent in the market . Do not take this vitamin without the advice of a doctor .

Enough sleep

During the fasting period you do not sleep as usual . You need to set the sleep time so that you do not sleep deprived . The ideal sleeping 8 hours a day . If you can not sleep for 8 hours at night , you can replace it in the daytime .


You know you can still exercise during fasting . Exercise is important to help the circulation of oxygen in the body . No need vigorous exercise , you can leisurely stroll after morning prayer , 30 minutes before breaking or yoga .

Remain Without MSG Delicious

Monosodium Glutamate ( MSG ) is used on almost any cuisine . Posed savory taste of MSG which makes a more delicious dishes . But did you know that MSG is not good for the health of the liver and bile you for the long term ?

The use of MSG in children can interfere with brain development and learning concentration . So often many parents forbid their baby to consume snacks such high air- chiki MSG . While in adults MSG in excessive doses will accumulate in the liver . Indeed , the effects of MSG on the body can not be felt today but with the passage of age and declining ability of the organs of the body, you can definitely feel it . Ranging from mild illness to be severe initially due to accumulation of MSG earlier .

What diseases are caused due to MSG ? Liver cancer , colon cancer , leukemia , brain tissue damage and much more . Most quickly perceived usually dizziness and nausea .

So what happens if you ‘ve already hooked MSG but do not want to contract the disease in their old age ? Actually , there is a chemical process that happens when you cook with the use of natural herbs . The important thing is not whether or not a lot of seasoning that you use in cooking , but the cooking process is correct .

Not many people realize that actually marinades can be used when cooking makes food taste delicious . Delicious healthy of course . Herbs and spices you can use to make a delicious masakah . Spices available in nature has a chemical compound called astiri oil .

Astiri oil is a vegetable oil found in the spice , has a distinctive aroma and volatile . Astiri oil acts as a defense against attacks by pests . Astiri oil found in onions , garlic , lemongrass , sandalwood , rose, jasmine , ylang and more . Astiri oil on the garlic smell unpleasant and less savory , shallot oil on astiri can disrupt the tear glands . So no wonder when you peel and slice the onion, you can shed tears . Astiri on plant oils of sandalwood, lemongrass , jasmine , rose and ylang can be obtained by boiling water and then taken steam , cooled and stored in a container . Astiri oil on the flowers used in perfumes .

The use of spices containing oil astiri had to replace the role of MSG . In addition , the use of salt and sugar can also create the same sense as MSG . Dab salt after the meal is ready for delivery at the beginning of cooking salt will damage the biodegradable content of iodine in the heat .

5 Myths and Facts about Rice

Rice is one of the most important source of carbohydrates for the body. Especially in Indonesia, rice is very high demand because there is a term that says “If you have not eaten rice yet satisfied,”. Apparently, the white grains are small, oval shaped was misinterpreted by many dieters. Because it has a high carbohydrate, dieters usually do not eat rice at all that a diet or weight loss program can be successful.

Myths surrounding rice growing also in Indonesian society. 5 of them are:

1. Myth rice contain gluten. When in fact, rice gluten-free and has no allergy risks at all compared to other grains.

2. Myth means eating rice diet doomed to fail. In fact, the rice does not have the fat and cholesterol. Rice is a good source of energy as carbohydrate content therein. Carbohydrates help the body’s other organs function properly, for growth and repair of body cells are damaged.

3. Myth does not contain rice protein. In fact, after carbohydrates, protein is a nutrient that is found in both rice. Protein contained in rice is considered the highest quality protein than any other grain.

4. Myth rice has a high salt content. In fact, rice contains a sufficient amount of salt. The rice is very safe to be consumed by those who restricted salt intake.

5. Myth eat rice at night will make the body fat. In fact, any food that has a high carbohydrate that is digested to form glucose include rice, wheat, rye and millets even better eaten the night. Because after being eaten, the food takes two hours to digest completely. Glucose is absorbed into the blood, will be more easily converted into energy. This food should not be consumed during the day because when it is easier to convert glucose into fat.

Beauty Starts From Within

Women generally want him to always look pretty and charming. Now many ways that can be done to achieve these goals, both traditional and modern. However, there is a fairly simple way to look beautiful on the inside is as follows:

Beauty is actually more than what it looks from the outside.
Looks as beautiful as you would be much better if it comes from vitality beauty and health within oneself. Strengthen the skin, hair, and nails with the consumption of nutritious foods such as protein, vitamins, and minerals (such as vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, iron, and zinc).
Take advantage of sporting
Exercise can help burn off excess calories so as to lose weight. Furthermore, lifting weights is a good exercise for muscle building. Begin with a warm-up exercise and the consumption of healthy foods, such as fresh fruit about an hour before exercising. Continue reading “Beauty Starts From Within”

Efficacy Shallots

In English called shallot onions . Coming from Asia . Often used as a spice , especially for Malay cuisine , of course, including Indonesia. Usually incorporated into the vegetables are processed , either fry or saute . Often also cut thin , fried dry for dusting on various types of cuisines . Very strong effect on the flavor , and scent menyedapkan cuisine. Smells are very distinctive , and somewhat diminished when fried or processed into spice .

Onion ( English : Shallot ) classified in the family Alliaceae in the order Asparagales . Saintifiknya name is Allium cepa var . aggregatum . Shallots are smaller and sweeter than a large onion . Onion is a kind of seasonal plants , has a layered bulbs ( bulbs ) , fibrous roots , with a hollow cylindrical leaves . Onion bulbs formed than the base of the leaf stems that come together and form that changes shape and function , enlarge and eventually form a coated bulb . Onion bulbs are formed from layers of leaves that enlarged and united . Bukanlan onion bulbs actually like potato potato potato or yam keledek .

Onion has many functions in traditional medicine . Can reduce the heat and treat colds . Various studies have also mentioned , onions can reduce the risk of cholesterol , heart attack , cancer to inflammation .

In the scientific content of sulfur in the onions consumed regularly can help lower cholesterol and removes blood clots . While the content of flavones – glycosides function as anti-inflammatory and bacteria-killing .

Onions also contain saponins are efficacious dilute phlegm . Medical tests found levels of various vitamins including vitamin B1 ( thiamine ) , B2 ( riboflavin ) and C ( ascorbic acid) . Lapisnya bulbs contain protein , fat , calcium , phosphorus , iron , vitamin B1 , and C.

In rural communities and in areas in Indonesia often use red onion to relieve fever in children , flatulence , vomiting , colds , scrapings , and cough . Used is part of the fresh tuber . The trick , red onion peeled and beaten to shreds . This onion flakes massaged into the baby’s stomach or nausea children , colds and vomiting .

Shallots are called also : scallions ; Onion Beureum ; garlic red
Part of plant used : Bulbs ply Chemical Ingredients : Essential oils ; sikloaliin ; metilaliin ; dihidroaliin ; flavonglikosida ; quercetin ; saponin ; peptides ; fitohormon ; vitamins ; starch

Efficacy : bakterisid ; expectorant ; diuretic

Traditional recipe :
cough :
Onion bulbs 4 g ; leaf poko 4 g ; Leaves sembung 3 g, 4 g gotu kola leaves ; Fruit fennel 2 g Water 125 ml , contused , made ​​pills or boiled , Taken 1 time a day , morning 100 ml , 1 crushed drunk times a day 1/4 cup , pill , taken 3 times a day 9 pill .

Diabetes :
Bulbs of red onion ( chopped ) 4 g ; Fruit beans ( chopped ) 15 g ; Bay leaves ( chopped ) 120 ml , Boiled , Drink 1 a day 100 ml .

fever :
Bulbs of red onion ( cut into thin strips ) to taste ; coconut oil to taste ; eucalyptus oil to taste , knead , oil is applied to the abdomen is bloated , the whole body , legs , and hands in children with a fever . Uniuk febrifuge used ± 20 gram bulb Allium cepa , washed and shredded . Results were mixed with grated 1 tablespoon coconut oil , smeared on the body .

Gastric Health

Causes of pain in the stomach actually is GERD (Reflux Disease Gastroesophagal). GERD can be caused by a variety of disorders of the body, such as muscle dysfunction esophageal, gastric dysfunction, genetic factors and could also be due to asthma. All of this led up stomach acid produced, causing discomfort in the upper stomach organs.

The most common symptom is heartburn (sensation of heat and pain in the upper abdomen, chest, and throat) pain in stomach due to ulcers can also be caused by infection with helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) but can also be caused by prolonged use of the drug certain drugs such as aspirin.

Ulcer is damage to the inner lining of the walls of the stomach or duodenum caused by stomach acid, intestinal or other fluid that is produced by the digestion process.
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