The Sole Singapore Financial Providers Business You’ll Need

OngFirst remains the organization many go to when shopping for multiple monetary products and services in a single place. With more than a hundred and fifty commodities and options products and services supplied by way of twenty three global exchanges, this is the ideal selection for traders among all experience ranges. Electronic buying and selling networks in conjunction with 24 / 7 dealer-assisted dealing plus execution services are just two benefits of choosing to do business with this unique investment business. Listed below are 2 samples of services made available by this company.

Initially, ONG Futures may look quite simple, but do not allow this to turn you off. This system provides the consumer the useful functionality associated with a productive trading process and yet is always easy to deploy and employ, making it great for individual and business investors of all kinds. Popular features of this program include things like solo click stock trading, amending and canceling and you will be linked to more than 60 assets pools and also worldwide exchanges. See your complete trade record in addition to your real-time income and loss and additionally protect your own orders placed by making use of bracket transactions and also trailing ceases. Numerous options contracts are offered and you may buy and sell individual and / or multiple trading accounts. Commodities buying and selling becomes easier with the help of Ong First.

ONG Forex is another choice offered to stock investors that like to work with this provider. Using this product or service, you’ll get use of Forex, Spot Gold and Silver as well as FX Forwards and they all are simple to use, adaptable and easy to gain access to, which makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of people. Features will include a user-friendly program, streaming news via Dow Jones Newswire as well as sophisticated technological evaluation along with charting resources and more. With the help of Ong First, you’ll get the best prices in the market aggregated from various tier-one liquidity suppliers, market analysis complied by leading industry experts, real-time FX rates and also investment account synopsis ongoing updating.

ONG First offers more than twenty six years of practical experience within futures trading agent products and services and was actually the initial futures trading brokerage house within Singapore. Aside from that, it is a Singapore Exchange-Derivatives Trading leading Clearing Member. The objective is always to provide you with the top quality brokering program as well as the latest up-to-date company info for those looking to buy economic and commodity futures, foreign exchange marketplaces and even alternatives. The objective is always to help every customer be successful hence the firm boasts solid customer service together with wide open correspondence always. The client definitely will come first with ONG First.