First Time Up Aircraft, Read This First 6 Things

For some people, traveling by plane is a new thing. If you are in it, it is worth reading the following 6 important points.

Get on a plane, it’s different than taking the train or ship. Procedures and rules are different, making preparations on a plane is not the same as other modes of transportation. here’s 6 things to know when you first get on a plane.

1. Coming 2 hours before departure

Do not try to come late to the airport. You definitely left the plane. Get used to come to the airport 2 hours before the departure time shown in the ticket.

Why, a lot of things to be taken from security checks, check-in, to walk into a boarding quite some time. At Soekarno-Hatta airport with 3 terminals, looking suitably named airline departure terminal was feeding time for the first time there.

Many a traveler who comes tight-tight departure time. But as a result they become a rush. Those who want to come up with a safe, even chose to come to the airport 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

2. Security checks

The most important thing is the security checks at the airport which usually lasts up to 2 times. When you get to the airport to check in, you have to go through metal detectors and luggage you have to go through X-ray machine Sometimes, you are asked to remove all metals from the body, ranging from watches, cell phones, up coins. All put into a special tray.

Do not be reckless carrying sharp weapons or flammable materials. Those who carry prohibited items such as drugs or bombs, secured directly dealing with the authorities.

The second is the security checks before entry into the lounge before boarding the plane. Again, there are metal detectors and baggage inspection. Usually the second examination focused on the liquid that you take. Do not carry more than 100 ml of liquid, such as perfume or deodorant. Mineral water is often taken you bring officers.

3. Check in

You can not enter the plane without check-in. This is a formal procedure where the airline recorded every passenger who came to the flight manifest in the data. Look for the check-in counter suit your company name, then antrelah orderly until it’s your turn.

You will be asked for a ticket or e-ticket print out. You also asked for proof of identification such as ID cards or passports are willing to fly overseas. Your luggage will also be weighed here, within the limits or even overweight alias overloaded. For the second thing, sometimes you have to pay an additional fee or persuasion to woo the check-in.

In the process of checking in, each passenger will be given a boarding pass as a sign can be entered into the aircraft and seat number. You can also book to sit next to where. In the full service airline, check-in process also determines whether you can go ahead because the plane ride in business class, or because of illness, pregnant, elderly, or bring the kids.

4. Immigration

For those who will fly out of the country, the next stage is the process of immigration. You will return to face counters and asked to line up in an orderly manner. The process of immigration is done one by one unless you are carrying a child.

You should not be standing in line at the counter. Note the yellow line on the floor. Stand on the yellow line, waiting for the person in front of you completed the immigration process.

At immigration, passport data are copied clerk, data sheets can be scanned or swiped your biometric passport officer. One swipe, comes all your data on a computer screen. Immigration officials match the passport photo and your face. Furthermore, they will provide the departure stamp on your passport book.

5. Boarding

Note the correct boarding pass. There is no indication where and gate space where you have to wait for the plane. Note also hours and hours of flying aircraft boarding. Wait on in the room with the other passengers boarding. Make no mistake waiting room yes, ask the officer and show your boarding pass.

If boarding is still a long time, passengers who have checked in usually choose roads inside the airport. They look at a variety of stores, or maybe taking a cup of coffee and so on. It is fine to do, but then again, look at the aircraft departure.

6. Sitting on the plane

The call to board the plane arrived. The passengers in the queue ready for boarding a plane. Which ride is the first business class passengers and passenger priorities such as the elderly, the sick or bring the kids.

You can get into the plane trunk, down to the ground and then up the stairs offer, or take the bus tickets in advance if you are parking far away. Look for your seat number on the boarding pass appropriate. Put your backpack or purse tenteng compartment on the seat. Do not carry or put the most random stuff, or you dicibir other passengers.

If the compartment is full, look for an empty seat near you, or put it under the seat in front of you. Get used to directly wear seat belts and, this is the most important, immediately turn off your mobile phone. Sit relax and watch the flight safety instructions were demonstrated stewardess. You were ready to fly!

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